WealthSimple + Forstrong announcement
WealthSimple + Forstrong announcement

Here at G2 Financial Solutions, we have an exciting announcement to make regarding an exciting new partnership with Wealthsimple. Technology has changed the world we live in, especially the way we deal with investment management. At G2 Financial Solutions, we believe the best action to do is to embrace this change and enrich our clients' experience, rather than resist and dismiss this new notion.


Wealthsimple is a pioneer in the robo-advisory field. Launched in 2014, it now accounts for over 75% of Canada's online advisor space and recently launched in the US and UK. It quickly reached $1B in assets in under 3 years, and has been so far backed by $100M by Power Financial. Wealthsimple prioritizes user-friendly design and paperless onboarding for clients of all ages. They've been widely covered by BNN, The Globe and Mail and CBC amongst others, as the one to watch in the space.


We recently struck an agreement with Wealthsimple and Forstrong Global in a unique partnership to offer the utmost value to you. The below outlines the details of the partnership:


To get started, please contact me at the office. Once your identification is confirmed, I will send you a link to open an account. You also have the option to come into the office and I can open the account for you. The entire start-to-end flow should not take more than 12 minutes and you can have your funds invested as early as tomorrow.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or to the Wealthsimple support team directly (support@wealthsimple.com).